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Harness the Power of Hypnosis for Herpes Management

Tap into a holistic method that boosts the immune system, keeping the herpes simplex virus at bay.

Holistic Herpes Management

Contracted herpes and keen to join the proactive folks seeking effective control methods?

Navigating a herpes diagnosis can be challenging. It’s more than just the discomfort or appearance of blisters, whether they’re cold sores (commonly observed oral herpes) or those that appear around the genitals (rarer genital herpes).

While various interventions offer relief, it’s essential to remember: the herpes simplex virus remains. It lingers, reminding you of its presence occasionally.

What Triggers a Herpes Flare-Up?

Factors that might rouse this dormant virus? Damage to the skin surrounding the nerve territory occupied by the virus could instigate new blister formations. But physical distress isn’t the sole cause. Exhaustion, heightened stress, or a compromised immune system can pave the way for a new outbreak.

Yet, there’s a silver lining. How? Well, since fatigue, stress, and immune system health are within your sphere of influence, you can act on these elements. Doing so can significantly reduce, if not entirely halt, symptom recurrence.

Hypnosis: Your Natural Ally in Herpes Management

Holistic Herpes Management is an immersive audio hypnosis session leveraging cutting-edge insights about the deep-seated links between the mind and body, aiding in fortifying your immune system. Recent studies have highlighted its efficacy in “markedly diminishing disease severity”.

Consistent engagement with this session will enable you to:

  • Achieve relaxation routinely, diminishing stress
  • Attain profound rest, mitigating fatigue
  • Amplify your immune defenses robustly
  • Minimize herpes symptomatology and flare-ups
  • Foster an overarching sense of vitality and wellness

Dive into Holistic Herpes Management and reclaim your well-being. Play it on any device, or via our complimentary app after you’ve made your purchase.

Note (1) See ‘Medical hypnosis in cases of herpes labialis improves resistance for recurrence‘, Hautarzt (The Dermatologist), 2005 Jun;56(6):562-8.

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