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Holistic Solution for Jetlag

Discover how hypnosis can alleviate jetlag symptoms and rejuvenate your energy.

Jetlag’s Natural Antidote

Jetlag can significantly disrupt your rhythm, particularly if frequent travel is part of your routine and immediate tasks await upon landing.

Symptoms like inconsistent sleep, weariness, mental fog, mood swings, headaches, queasiness, dehydration, and inconsistent appetite are all telltale signs of jetlag.

It’s commonly believed that each hour of time zone crossed necessitates a full day of recovery. That’s hardly ideal, whether you’re embarking on a leisurely vacation or diving into work engagements.

Decoding Jetlag

The primary culprit behind jetlag is traversing multiple time zones during flights. Essentially, it’s the misalignment of your internal clock, or circadian rhythm, which regulates bodily functions such as sleep and meal times.

Jetlag’s intensity can be amplified by factors like the plane’s dry environment, minimal fresh air circulation, cramped seating arrangements, altitude-related swelling, onboard food and beverages, and even the flight direction.

Guidelines to Minimize Jetlag:

  • Hydrate frequently.
  • Shun alcoholic beverages.
  • Steer clear of caffeinated drinks.
  • Engage in periodic stretches and aisle strolls.
  • Set your watch to your destination’s time for mental prep.
  • Freshen up with a shower upon arrival.
  • Expose yourself to natural sunlight and adapt to the local schedule promptly, even if it means resisting sleep.

Considering the profound relaxation induced by hypnosis, it emerges as an ideal antidote to jetlag, allowing you to reset and recharge during or post-flight. The Overcome Jetlag session integrates cues to recalibrate your body swiftly and effortlessly. For optimal results, unwind with this session pre-flight, mid-journey, and pre-sleep post-arrival.

Embrace the Overcome Jetlag solution for an immersive relaxation experience during your travels. Available for streaming on any device and complemented with our complimentary app upon purchase.

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