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Boosting Circulation Through Mind Power

Harness the potential of hypnosis to influence various bodily functions, with blood circulation being a prime candidate.

Understanding Circulation Issues

Often referred to as Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), compromised circulation can be the culprit behind numerous health concerns. Indicators of this condition span from discomfort and inflammation in the legs to lethargy, sore feet, muscular spasms, and an unusual coldness in the hands and feet.

Poor circulatory zones are more susceptible to bacterial infections, sometimes resulting in parts of your body experiencing a “temporary hibernation”, marked by numbness.

Ignoring such circulatory issues can spiral into severe complications like cardiac conditions, cerebral strokes, and in dire circumstances, limb removal. Therefore, regular medical assessments become paramount.

Mind Over Matter: Elevating Circulation

Coupled with medical intervention and a balanced lifestyle, the mind’s profound impact on the body cannot be understated. Engaging in hypnotic visualization can enhance the immune response, fortify muscle vigor, regulate blood pressure, and optimize circulation.

Numerous research efforts delve into manipulating blood distribution to extremities. One such study¹ unveiled that a significant majority of participants could raise their finger temperature using hypnosis.

Furthermore, another study² highlighted the capability of children, aged between 5-15, to elevate the warmth of their index fingers significantly.

Prioritize holistic self-care and immerse yourself in these relaxing sessions regularly to train your subconscious in ameliorating your circulation.

Embrace Boost Your Circulation today and channel your blood efficiently. Access this on your computer, gadget, or through our complimentary app post-purchase.

2 Self-Hypnosis, Biofeedback, and Voluntary Peripheral Temperature Control in Children

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