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Mastering Scent Sensitivity

Empower Yourself with Hypnosis to Manage Your Reaction to Odours

Understanding Your Acute Sense of Smell

Do overpowering artificial fragrances often overwhelm you?

Does exposure to intense scents cause symptoms such as headaches or teary eyes?

An acute olfactory sense can indeed be a gift. You’re privy to the nuances of delightful fragrances or the intricate blend of spices in a dish.

However, if your sensitivity to scents is on the extreme end, encountering a particularly repugnant or overpoweringly fragrant smell can be quite distressing.

Anticipating Odours and Emotional Reactions

Often, the mere anticipation of a certain odour can spark negative feelings and unease.

The typical culprits include:

  • Overpowering perfumes
  • Synthetic air fresheners
  • Inadequate personal hygiene of someone nearby. To alleviate the discomfort, some strategies you might employ include:
  • Politely suggesting someone tone down their fragrance use
  • Shifting places in a public setting
  • Maintaining a neutral-scented environment at home. However, there are moments, like during social outings or at the workplace, when confronting overpowering scents becomes inevitable. This often leads to an onslaught of negative emotions and physical aversion.

You’re seeking a method to navigate these situations—appreciating your keen olfactory senses, but without the associated drawbacks.

Hypnosis: A Tool to Reshape Your Sensory Perception

The silver lining? Hypnosis offers a fast and effective solution. It has helped countless individuals reduce, if not completely eradicate, their discomfort from various chronic pain or allergic reactions.

Similarly, hypnosis can be the key to managing your heightened reactions to smells.

Mastering Scent Sensitivity is a specialized audio hypnosis session that diminishes the overwhelming impact of potent, unfavourable odours on you.

With consistent listening, you’ll observe:

  • A more balanced emotional response to previously triggering smells
  • A newfound neutrality towards fragrances that were once irksome
  • Diminished apprehension around potentially overpowering odours.

Embark on the Mastering Scent Sensitivity journey and embrace an environment where your reactions are harmoniously balanced. Breathe deeper and enjoy a world where fragrances don’t dominate your senses.

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