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Harness Hypnosis to Fend Off Migraines

Migraine Mitigation

For individuals untouched by migraines, understanding the severity of these episodes is almost impossible. The visual disarray, the unsettling nausea, and the unbearable pain are harrowing.

Often, conventional pain relievers fail to provide respite, leaving sufferers with no choice but to retreat to a dark, quiet space until the debilitating symptoms recede. This can last for hours, or even days.

Given the challenge in effectively combating migraines, hypnosis has emerged as a promising avenue for relief. While we’ve highlighted three pivotal references below, a broader insight can be garnered by exploring ‘hypnosis for migraines’.

Intervening Migraines in Their Tracks

At the slightest hint of an impending migraine, simply initiate the Migraine Mitigation audio session. Whether it’s on your computer, transferred to a CD, or an MP3 player, it’s designed to be easily accessible.

The session triggers an intensive relaxation response, organically reducing your blood pressure. This, in turn, modifies blood distribution throughout your body and brain. By employing this wholly natural, and immensely therapeutic method, you can potentially deter a migraine in its early stages.

Venture into the world of Migraine Mitigation and evaluate its efficacy for yourself…

(1) “In a forward-looking study, juvenile classic migraine treatment was explored using propranolol, placebo, and self-hypnosis. Findings indicated a notable correlation between reduced headache frequency and self-hypnosis application (P = .045).

(2) “A renewed literature assessment on hypnosis’ effectiveness for treating migraines and headaches deduced it to be an established and effective approach. Moreover, it’s devoid of side effects and continuous costs linked with pharmaceutical remedies.”

(3) “Outcomes revealed that instances of migraines and the frequency of blinding episodes were considerably diminished in the hypnotherapy group compared to those on prochlorperazine.”

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