Free Session – Stop Touching Your Face


Free Session – Stop Touching Your Face

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End the Habit: Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Discover how to enhance your health and fortify your natural defenses by eliminating the frequent face-touching habit.

Face Touch Awareness

Have you ever caught yourself constantly brushing your cheek or rubbing your eyes?

Concerned that this might pave the way for unwanted germs?

Research indicates that an average individual might touch their face between 16 to 23 times within an hour.2 This seemingly innocent gesture might introduce bacteria or viruses near your eyes, nose, or mouth, acting as gateways for potential infections.

While your body’s defense mechanism, the immune system, is adept at combating these intruders, there are instances when it’s faced with overwhelming numbers or unfamiliar pathogens, during which any additional support can make a difference.

Imagine how comforting it would be to know that you’re actively lessening the strain on your immune defenses, promoting consistent wellness for yourself and those around you?

Crafting a Hands-Off Approach

Refraining from face-touching is undeniably a pivotal step in reducing exposure to health-compromising pathogens. Yet, deciding to simply abstain might not be enough.

For a majority, this action is deeply rooted, executed subconsciously, making sheer determination an unreliable solution.

But what if you could be more conscious about it?

Increasing hand awareness is one approach. This could be achieved by applying a uniquely fragranced lotion or adorning a distinct piece of jewelry – anything that draws your attention towards your hands. Holding objects or intertwining fingers in social scenarios can also curb inadvertent face-touching.

Undoubtedly, consistent hand hygiene is paramount. The act reduces the microbial load, diminishing the chances of self-contamination during inadvertent face-touches.

However, for a lasting change, it’s essential to address the subconscious. That’s where the transformative power of hypnosis enters.

Harnessing Hypnosis for Health

End the Habit: Keep Your Hands Off Your Face is a tailored audio hypnosis journey designed to inculcate healthier habits, reducing chances of microbial exposures.

With regular engagement, expect to:

  • Diminish inadvertent face-touching
  • Elevate your overall health and vitality
  • Instinctively maintain hand hygiene
  • Develop a commendable sense of self-care.

Dive into End the Habit: Keep Your Hands Off Your Face and embark on a journey towards lasting well-being.

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