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Journey of Motherhood Hypnosis Collection

5 vital hypnosis recordings crafted for the modern mother, guiding you from early pregnancy to embracing motherhood.

Motherhood Transition Toolkit

Venturing into motherhood is transformative. Whether you’re embarking on this journey for the first time or adding to your tribe, it’s a profound transition that reshapes your existence.

The Motherhood Transition Toolkit is designed to be your soothing companion. It aims to usher relaxation during your gestation period, alleviating common ailments like morning sickness, fostering a positive pregnancy mindset, and priming you for the upcoming birthing process. Beyond that, it equips you with calming techniques for embracing the challenges and joys of motherhood. Plus, it assists both you and your partner in adapting to the beautiful whirlwind that is parenting.

Five Curated Sessions

Benefit from an exclusive savings of $24.80 off the regular price with our comprehensive package.

Dive deep into the Motherhood Transition Toolkit with these 5 tailor-made sessions:

Nausea Navigator – Understand and combat the psychological triggers causing morning sickness, and find your relief.

Pregnancy Positivity – Even as pregnancy hormones surge, this immersive audio session guides you towards tranquility and an affirmative perspective on your journey.

Birth Mastery – Harness your body’s innate prowess to manage discomfort and stress, applicable to diverse birthing experiences, from natural births to C-sections. Ideal for your journey post week 33.

Breastfeeding Serenity – Cultivate a relaxed mindset for effective breastfeeding, fostering a nourishing bond between you and your little one.

Embrace Maternity – For new mothers navigating the fatigue and overwhelming emotions, this session offers solace and reinvigorates your maternal spirit.

Simply don your headphones, recline by your computer, or sync with your CD or MP3 player. These hypnosis sessions mirror the ebb and flow of your maternal journey, from the initial bouts of morning sickness, the anticipation of childbirth post week 33, to the nurturing phase with your infant. Such regular intervals of relaxation act as a salve to the physical and emotional ebbs of pregnancy, and a rejuvenating escape from the bustling days with a newborn.

Embark on a fortified maternal voyage with Motherhood Transition Toolkit.

Download now, prepping your mind and soul for this transformative chapter.

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