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Heal The Past Hypnosis Pack

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Healing The Past Hypnosis 5-Pack

Rediscover joy in the present and optimism for the future by addressing past emotional scars.

Journey Through Time Pack

Past emotional trauma can cast shadows on today and dampen hopes for tomorrow.

Triggers from the environment, reminiscent of those times, can pull you back, making you relive those agonizing moments repeatedly.

As days go by, the authentic you gets buried beneath this accumulated pain. This emotional baggage hinders growth, blocking potential opportunities and achievements.

Finding Your Healing Path

Past traumas linger because they’re imprinted as emotional memories. Whenever these memories are stirred, the associated feelings resurface.

True healing involves detaching these deep-seated emotions from the memories, offering you a fresh perspective and liberation.

Hypnosis stands out as a quintessential method for this detachment, keeping you at ease while you navigate through past memories. It lets you envision and inculcate a renewed self, setting your desired future trajectory.

Five Sessions Kit

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The Journey Through Time Pack comes with 5 specially curated hypnosis sessions:

  • Rise Above Shame – While short-lived shame might serve a purpose, prolonged, undeserved shame does not.
  • Breaking Chains with the Past – Unshackle yourself from past anchors that stall your forward momentum.
  • Embrace Positivity – Overcome prolonged emotional distress and rejuvenate your optimistic spirit.
  • Overcoming Enforced Despondency – Combat the detrimental effects of prolonged emotional adversity and find joy again.
  • Mastering Setbacks – Life’s downs can be more challenging after enduring extended stress. Learn to face disappointments with grace.

Utilizing the Journey Through Time Pack

Reviewing the sessions above, you’ll discern which ones resonate most with your current needs. Prioritize those and immerse in them until you feel an uplifting transformation.

Gradually, incorporate the other sessions into your listening schedule. Continue this therapeutic journey until you achieve your desired emotional well-being.

Past traumas might sometimes make change seem unreachable. Our extensive expertise stands testament that change is not just possible, but imminent.

Begin your healing expedition today with the Journey Through Time Pack. Stream on your computer, device, or via our complimentary app, available post-purchase.

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