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Harnessing Hypnosis for Asthma Relief

Delve into this gentle hypnosis approach to alleviate asthma discomforts.

Breath Easy: Asthma Hypnotherapy

Studies indicate that negative feelings like distress and despondency can play havoc with the respiratory tract, potentially triggering an asthma flare-up for those predisposed.

For anyone who has endured an intense asthma episode, it’s well-known how rapidly stress and anxiety can amplify the severity of the attack.

The Hypnotherapy Advantage

Hypnotherapy has the potential to reduce stress(1), a notorious asthma instigator. Additionally, the mind’s inherent power holds the ability to manifest physical changes.

Hypnosis has been observed to fortify immune responses, dull pain, and have a direct and favorable impact on physiological functions(2). Techniques centered around relaxation have also yielded positive results for those grappling with asthma(3).

Breathe Freely aims to cultivate relaxation, offering rapid relief during moments when asthma could be triggered. This therapy recalibrates the subconscious, reducing the frequency of episodes and enabling a heightened sense of liberation from asthma-related discomfort.

Commence your journey with Breathe Freely today and arm yourself with an additional mechanism against asthma. Accessible via any computer or gadget, or through our complimentary app post-purchase.

(1) Paul Lehrer, PhD, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, alongside team members from Seoul, Korea, Rutgers University, and the University of Texas at El Paso, 2001.

(2) Ernest Hilgard, 1977, and colleagues: Through rigorous research using pain-inducing methods (such as limb circulation cut-offs or cold water immersion), it was shown that certain pain categories can be diminished via Hypnosis-induced pain relief.

(3) Maher-Loughnan, 1970: Asthma patients were assigned either to Hypnosis or relaxation therapy. While both methods were beneficial, the Hypnotherapy group observed more marked improvements. Noticeable enhancements were seen between the seventh and twelfth treatment weeks. Remarkably, only those undergoing Hypnosis registered improved respiratory measures (forced expiratory volume).

Note: Before delving into any hypnosis-oriented treatments for asthma, consultation with a healthcare professional is strongly advised.

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