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Master Your Reactions

Hypnosis: Your tool for cultivating composed interactions


Ever been told you’re too quick to guard up? A hint of feedback and suddenly, you’re in defense mode?

This isn’t just about others’ perception of you. It’s about missing out on opportunities for growth. When you’re always braced for conflict, you unintentionally invite it. If every comment feels like an assault, growth and understanding take a backseat.

Why the Hair-Trigger Response?

Perhaps as a child, you were taught never to let anyone critique you. Or maybe, after a history of frequent criticism, you’ve built high walls as a shield. Differentiating between genuine feedback and genuine attacks becomes clouded.

The Emotional Overdrive:

Heightened defensiveness isn’t rooted in logic. It’s an emotional reflex. Even when you sense an overreaction, emotions can overshadow rational thought.

Enter hypnosis. It helps soothe the instant, emotional retorts, allowing your rational mind to assess situations. A balanced response offers better outcomes and relationships.

Relationships and Defensiveness:

John Gottman, a renowned psychologist, identified that high defensiveness could hint at future relationship strains. No one wants to constantly navigate a minefield, fearing they might upset you. A heightened guard can come across as standoffish, or even aggressive.

Taking a Step Back:

The Master Your Reactions hypnosis session is designed to instill tranquility in situations where you previously felt under attack. A less defensive approach will not only enhance your personal relationships but also bring ease and clarity to your life.

Embrace a New Perspective:

Download Master Your Reactions and let the world seem more amicable. Access it anytime on your device or through our complimentary app after purchase.

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