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Breaking Free from Self-Harm with Hypnosis

Harness the transformative power of hypnosis to find alternative ways to cope and heal.

Understanding the Urge to Self-Harm

Based on our extensive observations and experience, the journey into self-harm often stems from profound feelings of despair, anxiety, or the influence of those around us – sometimes a mix of these elements.

At its core, self-harming behavior is an addiction, evolving just like any routine that grows into a compulsion.

The Vicious Cycle of Self-Harm

  1. Stress, tension, or sheer ennui paves the way.
  2. The idea of inflicting harm emerges.
  3. A window of opportunity arises, typically in solitude.
  4. The temptation escalates, becoming nearly insurmountable.
  5. A struggle ensues, trying to resist the growing compulsion.
  6. A trance-like state takes over, narrowing one’s perspective.
  7. The act of self-harm occurs.
  8. The body releases natural pain-relieving endorphins.
  9. A temporary relief sets in, soon overshadowed by regret and guilt.

This pattern mirrors many compulsive, addictive behaviors.

The Importance of Seeking Assistance

If you’re grappling with self-harm, confiding in a compassionate individual is paramount, as self-infliction can lead to grievous consequences. Consider pairing the support of qualified professionals with our hypnosis sessions.

Repeated self-harming actions, like cutting, might leave visible scars, leading others to perceive them as a plea for attention. But for many, the act is not about seeking attention; it’s a perceived escape from overwhelming feelings.

Breaking the Chain of Self-Harm is designed to foster relaxation and guide your subconscious towards breaking this self-destructive cycle. By acknowledging your skin’s inherent right to wellness, you can emerge and flourish as an individual.

Gain a fresh perspective on the underlying emotions fueling your self-harming urges and discover healthier coping mechanisms.

Start your journey towards healing by downloading Breaking the Chain of Self-Harm. Listen at your convenience on any device, or via our complimentary app post-purchase. Step into a brighter, healthier future.

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