Kids – Losing a Grandparent


Kids – Losing a Grandparent Hypnosis Download

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Guiding Young Hearts Through Loss

A captivating tale to assist children in navigating the grief of losing a loved one

Children and the Grief of Losing a Grandparent

Has your child been deeply affected by the passing of their grandparent?

Are you in search of ways to comfort them and help them process this profound loss?

Grief is a heavy emotion, and while you might be grappling with your own sorrow (consider exploring the Passing of a Parent download), your role as a caregiver requires you to also support your young ones through their grief. This is indeed a challenging path.

Young minds often grapple with the abstract concept of death. Their flurry of questions can be emotionally draining for you. It’s essential to provide straightforward answers and let them express their grief. However, kids might occasionally seem to momentarily ‘move on’, laughing and playing, which is a natural coping mechanism for unsettling events.

Using the art of storytelling can be a gentle way to help them comprehend and heal.

A Hypnotic Tale to Process the Cycle of Life

Journey Through Love and Loss is an audio story crafted with children in mind. By accompanying a fictional character on a voyage of loss and understanding, they can slowly decipher the intricacies of life, death, and the enduring bonds we share with those who’ve departed.

Download Journey Through Love and Loss and offer your child a compassionate tool to navigate their journey of grief.

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