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Guiding the Sensitive Child to Inner Peace

Harness the power of hypnosis to empower children with emotional balance.

Sensitive Child Journey

Does your child’s mood shift quickly over minor matters?

Seeking tools to foster a sense of tranquility and assurance in them?

While every child occasionally experiences overwhelming emotions, continuous intense reactions can indicate a need for tools to foster inner calm.

Empower with Hypnosis

Guiding the Sensitive Child is an audio relaxation session rooted in storytelling. Dive into the adventures of a young rabbit named Ray, who, much like your little one, gets swayed by every gust of emotion. With the wise counsel of a wise old owl, Ray discovers a breathing technique to find equilibrium in stormy moments.

Listening to this story will help your child:

  • Find peace amidst chaos with simple breathing exercises.
  • Utilize this calming technique whenever they’re in distress.
  • Drift into a restful slumber come bedtime.

Download Guiding the Sensitive Child and equip your little one with tools for emotional balance throughout their journey.

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