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Public Speaking Fear Hypnosis Pack

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Public Speaking Confidence Hypnosis Bundle

Elevate your confidence in public speaking and relish in your next talk or presentation.

Overcome Speaking Anxiety Set

Does the mere thought of an impending speech send your heart racing? You could be having a splendid day when, out of nowhere, the memory surfaces, leading to a rush of anxiety—palms sweating, heart pounding.

Such reactions signal your mind’s anticipation of extreme stress during the actual presentation. Your subconscious perceives this as a direct threat to your well-being, hence the overreaction.

What you need is assurance.

Your subconscious needs to understand that while public speaking places you in the spotlight, it isn’t a threat. Once this is grasped, it will help you reach an optimal performance level without overwhelming anxiety.

The prowess of an eloquent public speaker is a significant asset. Such individuals leave lasting impressions, showcasing their confidence, competence, and intellect. And this skill can be instrumental during promotional evaluations.

Insights from Those Who’ve Been There

This bundle is the brainchild of Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott, the founders of Hypnosis Downloads. Both have grappled with speaking anxieties but have successfully overcome them. They intimately understand the turmoil and the exhilaration of mastering this fear.

Five-Session Bundle

Enjoy a discount of $24.80 on the full price with our bundled offer.

The Overcome Speaking Anxiety Set incorporates these 5 handpicked sessions:

  1. Overcoming Speaking Anxieties – Reset past negative experiences related to failed presentations or just the fearful anticipation of one.
  2. Long-term Presentation Nervousness – Address the habit of dreading presentations long before their scheduled time.
  3. Handling Tough Audience Queries – Maintain your cool, ensuring you can tackle any questions with confidence.
  4. 7:11 Breathing Technique – Master a method to swiftly achieve tranquility, no matter the situation or location.
  5. Mastering Public Speaking – Immerse yourself in the mindset of renowned public speakers and cultivate a passion for it.

Utilizing the Bundle

Many often turn to this bundle with a looming presentation deadline. If you’re in such a situation with limited time, we advise starting with Overcoming Speaking Anxieties and listening to it 2 or 3 times. Concurrently, practice the 7:11 breathing technique to promptly reduce stress levels. The remaining sessions can be integrated as per your preference.

If your schedule is more flexible, we still recommend initiating with “Overcoming Speaking Anxieties”. However, incorporate the other sessions based on their relevance, ensuring you begin practicing the 7:11 breathing method immediately.

Embrace and Excel in Public Speaking

You might doubt your ability to ever relish in public speaking. So did Roger and Mark. Yet, they assure you it’s achievable, having personally traversed this journey. Delve into this bundle and witness the transformation. All the best!

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