Be True To Yourself Hypnosis Pack


Be True To Yourself Hypnosis Pack

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Embrace Your Authenticity Hypnosis Series

Discover your authentic self because authenticity shines brighter than imitation.

Journey to Authenticity Bundle

In the vast mosaic of life, it often feels safer to blend into the background. To shield ourselves from judgment or criticism, we sometimes suppress our genuine selves, adopting roles and personas that garner societal approval. Whether it’s echoing a distasteful jest or forsaking our goals due to external pressures, the cost of conformity can be losing sight of our true essence.

If ever there’s a moment to reconnect with the unique imprint that is YOU, it’s now! Whether you’re navigating self-identity challenges or you’ve been swayed by external influences, the ‘Journey to Authenticity’ series aims to reawaken your core and help you embrace your authentic self.

Five Session Collection

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The Journey to Authenticity Hypnosis Series features these 5 meticulously curated sessions:

  • Rediscover Yourself – Amidst life’s multifaceted choices, tap into your subconscious to reacquaint yourself with your genuine self and fortify your identity.
  • Champion Individual Thought – While community belongingness has its perks, foster the courage to think independently, aligning with your values, and unlocking your unique potential.
  • Celebrate Self-Worth – Abandon the shackles of self-doubt or excessive self-critique, and rejoice in your strengths while gracefully acknowledging areas of growth without any self-inflicted guilt.
  • Commit to Your Core Principles – Craft YOUR life’s blueprint, anchoring your actions in the bedrock of your foundational values.
  • Cultivate Self-Assuredness – Given the fickle nature of societal opinions, nurture a robust trust in your convictions and lessen the weight of external judgments.

Harnessing the ‘Journey to Authenticity’ Series

Commence with the session that resonates most deeply at the moment.

Perhaps, Cultivate Self-Assuredness beckons first. Immerse in its messages daily, subsequently integrating other sessions like Celebrate Self-Worth into your routine. The transformation might be subtle—daring to express a previously withheld perspective, exuding a newfound confidence, or perhaps adorning outfits that echo your unique flair, irrespective of societal norms.

Initiate your voyage to genuine self-expression with the Journey to Authenticity series. Available on your preferred device or via our complimentary app post-acquisition.

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