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Combat Motion Sickness Through Hypnotherapy

Understanding Motion Sickness

The looming shadow of motion sickness can taint the excitement of travel, turning anticipation into anxiety. The unsettling feeling of nausea combined with the dread of a potential upheaval can mar any journey. Whether you’re aboard a car, ship, train, or bus, the specter of motion sickness can make you hesitant about setting out.

But behind this discomfort lies a scientific rationale.

Diving Deep: Why Does Motion Sickness Occur?

Motion sickness arises from a communication breakdown in our brain. It detects a disparity between the signals from our equilibrium system and our visual perceptions. In simpler terms, while your inner ear senses movement, your eyes often capture a seemingly static environment, leading to a misalignment of sensations.

This incongruity triggers the brain to think it might be poisoned, prompting it to prepare for a potential stomach evacuation as a protective measure.

Ways to Mitigate the Effects

To counteract motion sickness, it’s beneficial to gaze out and focus on distant objects, synchronizing what your eyes see with the movement your body feels. When on road trips, take regular breaks to breathe in fresh air. If on a ship, frequent the deck and keep your eyes fixed on the horizon. Maximizing your visual field input can be a significant aid.

The Hypnotic Solution

Oddly, the onset of motion sickness can occasionally precede the journey itself. The mere scent of gasoline or the anticipation of travel might set off the discomfort. This reaction can be likened to a self-induced negative hypnosis where certain triggers, like the smell of gasoline, act as misdirected cues in the mind. Hypnotherapy offers a solution by reshaping these responses, providing your brain with a fresh set of expectations during travel.

Embark on a serene journey free of discomfort. Download Combat Motion Sickness and let your adventures be solely about the destination and the joy of the journey. Play it on your preferred device or through our complimentary app accessible post-purchase.

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