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Sailing Past Your Boat Fears

Harness the Power of Hypnosis to Re-define Your Relationship with Boats

Nautical Nervousness

Do boats give you the jitters?

Have these fears curbed trips or activities you’ve longed to take part in?

The unease around boats can be linked to a variety of experiences. Maybe it was a rough sea journey where you felt queasy, or perhaps a turbulent stormy voyage that’s left its mark. It could be an unsettling incident near a boat, or even a harrowing maritime film that stayed with you.

Your mind, at some point, connected boats with potential harm. This connection grew so dominant that merely the thought of boarding a boat sends you into a whirlwind of anxiety. You might rationalize with yourself, considering the countless safe boat trips taken daily, but the feeling persists.

The Mechanics of a Boat Phobia

These unwarranted fears aren’t born out of logical thought but from an emotional reaction. Deep-rooted fears, particularly those formed during emotionally charged moments, anchor themselves in the amygdala—the brain’s emotional hub. Hence, the equation becomes simple: ‘boat’ means ‘anxiety’. A feeling you’re all too familiar with.

But here’s the silver lining!

This doesn’t have to be your permanent reality. You can recalibrate your emotional response to boats, allowing for peaceful interactions.

Let’s delve into the solution.

Hypnosis: Your Key to Unlocking Comfort Around Boats

Setting Sail Beyond Fear is an audio hypnosis session curated to gently disconnect the ties between boats and fear.

As you immerse yourself in this transformative session, you’ll discover:

  • An enhanced ease in relaxation every time you engage.
  • Improved proficiency in moderating emotional reactions.
  • A changed perspective on prior distressing boat experiences.
  • Growing comfort and assurance with the idea of boat travel.

Dive into Setting Sail Beyond Fear and embark on journeys without boundaries. Available for streaming on your favorite device or through our exclusive app post-purchase.

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