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Solid Self Esteem Hypnosis Course – 10 audios (mp3) + Course Manual (pdf)

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Redefining Self-Worth: A Transformative Journey to Loving Yourself

How you talk to yourself matters.

Why are we often our own harshest critics? Uncover the immense power and profound impact of nurturing your self-worth, and see how life blossoms when you truly believe in your own value.

The Ripple Effects of Low Self-Esteem

In my 15-year journey as a therapist, I’ve encountered countless individuals battling self-worth issues. Even after training over 10,000 health professionals, it remains staggering to witness the pervasive influence of low self-esteem.

As illustrated by individuals like Carla, diminished self-worth doesn’t just stay put; it seeps into all facets of life, stealing joy and amplifying challenges. Everything—from relationships to work, from social interactions to personal reflections—is clouded by this shadow.

Shatter Limitations and Connect with Your Essence

Low self-esteem acts as a barrier, preventing us from recognizing our true essence and purpose. Constant self-doubt, fear of judgment, and anxiety about our worthiness disconnects us from our inner compass.

The prevalent misconception? “Just be more positive!” But mere positive thinking isn’t the remedy—it’s akin to trying to steer a car from the backseat.

The true culprit? Emotion. When emotions shift, so do thoughts. My approach to helping individuals like Carla is rooted in this understanding.

The Path to Emotional Transformation

Mere intellectualization won’t bring change. We need to address the deep-seated emotional reflexes. This is where the magic of hypnosis comes in.

Many therapists I train are initially unfamiliar with hypnosis. Once they grasp its gentle, natural, and respectful nature, they’re eager to dive deeper.

The genesis of our negative self-perceptions often traces back to early experiences—perhaps persistent criticism or a single, impactful negative comment. These experiences, especially during our impressionable years, act almost hypnotically, imprinting these beliefs deeply.

Hypnosis offers a way to unwind these imprints, setting your authentic self free.

Navigating the Course: A Step-by-Step Transformation

This comprehensive course dives deep into various aspects of self-identity and image. It’s not just theoretical—it’s a catalyst for intrinsic change.

Each module is complemented by a meticulously crafted audio hypnosis session to facilitate the assimilation and embodiment of healthier behaviors and mindsets.

This journey is akin to learning your first language: effortless absorption over time.

Embark on Your Ten-Step Journey to Authentic Self-Worth

  1. Elevate Your Self-Esteem – Recognize and harness your strengths. Let your confidence soar.
  2. Celebrate Your Beauty – Embrace your unique allure. See the captivating reflection in the mirror.
  3. Release the Blame – Understand the boundaries of responsibility. You’re not always at fault.
  4. Dissolve Feelings of Inferiority – Recognize your worth. No more self-sabotage.
  5. Chart Your Own Path – Define success on your terms. Celebrate every milestone.
  6. Trust Your Judgement – You’re competent. No more seeking external validation.
  7. Build Inner Security – Channel your imagination for growth, not self-destruction.
  8. Embrace Yourself Wholeheartedly – Celebrate your uniqueness and envision a brighter future.
  9. Rediscover Your Essence – Anchor yourself amidst life’s vast choices.
  10. Prioritize You – Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s the foundation for a balanced life.

Course Inclusions:

  1. E-book Guide – A comprehensive 155-page workbook detailing every step, peppered with insights, case studies, and practical exercises.
  2. Nurturing Audio Downloads – Each step is bolstered with a targeted audio download, ensuring profound change at the subconscious level. Rejuvenate your mind and body, inviting mindfulness.
  3. Engaging Exercises – Bridge intellectual understanding with emotional wisdom.
  4. Progress Checkpoints – Evaluate your growth throughout the journey, fostering motivation and commitment.

Realigning Self-Perception

Low self-esteem often stems from distorted perceptions. If everyone truly saw how exceptional they are, low self-worth wouldn’t exist.

This course allows you to shed those misleading lenses, cultivating an accurate, compassionate view of yourself. You’ll find yourself more accepting, confident, sociable, and at ease.

Embark on your transformative journey to elevated self-worth today.

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