10 Steps to Absolute Assertiveness Hypnosis Course


Absolute Assertiveness Hypnosis Course – 10 audios (mp3) + Course Manual (pdf) + Bonus ‘Keep a Cool Head’

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Rediscover Your Voice with Absolute Assertiveness

Feeling unheard? Struggling to voice your emotions?

If the struggle with assertiveness keeps you up at night, there’s a solution. Discover the power to confidently express yourself, leaving behind the shackles of anger, depression, and anxiety.

“Speak up for yourself!” Does this sound all too familiar?

Friends may offer this advice when you face challenges with overbearing colleagues or critical family members. Yet, they might not understand the depth of feeling non-assertive.

The relentless anxiety… The gnawing dread at the mere thought of confrontation… The simmering resentment towards those who seemingly control you… The anger at oneself for enduring it.

To many, the term ‘non-assertive’ might sound trivial. They might view your quiet nature as a mark of kindness. But those who are naturally assertive may not grasp the sense of helplessness felt by those who aren’t.

Every week, we hear from individuals like Miranda, for whom non-assertiveness is a pervasive issue impacting their professional and personal lives. Standing firm in your beliefs and setting boundaries deters those looking to take advantage, from pushy salespeople to workplace bullies.

There’s a myth that assertiveness equates to rudeness or aggression. But that’s far from the truth.

True Assertiveness is…

  • Not about being rude.
  • Not about shouting to be heard.
  • Not a loss of control or unchecked anger.
  • Not being unapproachable.
  • Not suspecting everyone’s motives.
  • Not seeking constant approval.
  • Not always getting what you want.

Consider the tale of the snake that rediscovered its power to hiss. A once-feared snake was advised by a wise man to practice kindness. Years later, the snake became a passive plaything for the villagers. The wise man, upon return, advised the snake, “I told you not to bite, but I never said you shouldn’t hiss!”

Assertiveness is a Skill to Cultivate

A genuinely assertive individual is respectful, stands firm when taken advantage of, communicates effectively, and exudes an aura that demands respect. When recognized, their opinions are valued more by peers.

While some naturally develop this skill during childhood, anyone can embrace it at any age. The secret lies in mastering emotions around assertiveness and honing effective communication skills.

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Assertiveness

Our 10-step program employs hypnosis, exercises, and practice to instill confidence and poise in confrontational situations. By targeting the emotional core of assertiveness, you’ll find the journey to self-assurance smoother.

What’s Inside: 10 Steps to Masterful Assertiveness

  • Setting Boundaries: Establish clear personal limits.
  • Saying No: Politely decline without the guilt.
  • Assertiveness Training: Speak your mind, confidently.
  • Fear of Authority: Engage confidently with those in power.
  • Overcome an Inferiority Complex: Boost your self-respect.
  • Overcome Fear of Confrontation: Tackle challenges with a newfound calm.
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy: Command respect.
  • Express Your Opinion: Voice your thoughts effectively.
  • Stand Up For Yourself: Earn recognition.
  • Express Your Emotions: Embrace a vibrant emotional life.

Bonus: Keep a Calm Cool Head in Stressful Situations – Ensure calmness even when standing your ground.

Why Choose Our Program?

  1. Receive 10 expertly crafted hypnosis downloads.
  2. A comprehensive, 134-page eBook packed with actionable insights and whimsical illustrations.
  3. Progress trackers for each step to monitor growth.

Still unsure? Our full refund policy ensures peace of mind. If our product doesn’t resonate with you within three months of purchase, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

Discover the transformative power of assertiveness and elevate every aspect of your life. Embrace a brighter, more authentic future. Start today!

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