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Support for the Fresh Face at School

A captivating hypnotic tale crafted to soothe children’s fears of belonging.

First Days at a New School

Seeking a remedy for your child’s jitters about their new school journey?

Do they fret about making their mark and being accepted?

Every initial step into an unfamiliar setting can be daunting for young minds. As the days draw closer to the opening of school doors, they might grapple with thoughts like:

  • Will I find my tribe?
  • How approachable will my teacher be?
  • Will I stand out like a sore thumb for being new?

The Power of Perception

Sometimes, the thought of a fresh beginning is more intimidating than the event itself. Children, with their boundless imagination, can sometimes conjure scenarios that heighten their anxiety.

Calming these swirling thoughts can be a challenge when emotions run high.

Strengthen Their Spirit with Hypnosis

Support for the Fresh Face at School is a hypnotic audio tale set in the realm of wonder and enchantment. It centers around a young girl who stumbles upon a magical mirror in an ancient grove. This mirror doesn’t just show her reflection, but a version of herself flourishing in her new school, surrounded by friends and laughter.

Through this story, children will learn to:

  • Find tranquility in tumultuous times
  • Diminish anxieties about the unfamiliar
  • Visualize a positive, rewarding school experience
  • Embrace the adventures that await.

Download Support for the Fresh Face at School to fortify your child’s courage for their new chapter.

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