Kids – Go Back to Sleep After a Nightmare


Kids – Go Back to Sleep After a Nightmare Hypnosis Download

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Journey Beyond the Night’s Shadows

A hypnotic tale to guide children towards peaceful slumbers after unsettling dreams

When Dreams Cast Shadows

Does your child hesitate to drift back to sleep after a troubling dream?

Are you anxious about these nocturnal interruptions becoming recurrent?

For adults, brushing off a nightmare with the phrase “It was just a dream” might be reassuring. However, young minds, still grasping the line between reality and imagination, may find such assurances lacking. To them, dreams manifest as tangible experiences. While parents provide a blueprint for most life challenges, guiding a child through the maze of dreams is uncharted territory – dreams are solitary ventures.

Yet, the solution lies within the dreamscape itself. Dreams, inherently woven tales of our subconscious, provide the perfect medium to offer solace. And tales, with their enchanting allure, resonate deeply with young souls.

A Hypnotic Tale: Navigating the Night’s Narrative

Dreamscapes and Daylight is an audio journey designed for the curious minds of children. As they immerse in the tale, listeners witness a protagonist much like them, learning to sail smoothly through the stormy seas of dreams, finding serenity even amidst tempests.

With every encore, children effortlessly absorb the story’s essence, internalizing the tools needed to navigate their own dreams, sans the tagline “it’s just a dream.”

Download Dreamscapes and Daylight and empower your young one to sail confidently through the realms of dreams and reality.

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