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Comfort with Needles & Cannulas: Harnessing Hypnosis to Diminish Distress

Facing the Fear of Needles & Cannulas

For many undergoing cancer treatments, needles and cannulas become an inevitable component. If these tools of treatment incite anxiety, it could significantly mar the healing journey.

Fear, in its essence, preps our body for emergencies, pumping the heart faster and escalating our breath rate – just as it would if we were evading a looming threat.

Ironically, this heightened state can amplify our pain sensitivity, while potentially hampering the immune system’s efficiency.

The Perception of Time

Ever felt time dragging during moments of anxiety? A mere fifteen minutes might feel never-ending when clouded by stress, a phenomenon termed time distortion. Contrastingly, joyous or relaxed instances might make time seem fleeting.

Mastering the Art of Hypnotic Dissociation

Our ability to mentally displace ourselves, even when physically present, is fascinating. Think of it like daydreaming on a journey and losing track of time. This mental disassociation, deeply rooted in hypnosis, can also alleviate physical discomfort. By immersing yourself in a soothing memory or place, the brain perceives reduced pain, offering an empowered sense of control over the experience.

Aligning Body & Mind

Delving deep into relaxation augments the body’s internal mechanisms, from immune reactions to respiratory rhythms. By vividly re-experiencing moments of relaxation or joy – be it through visuals, sounds, or even tastes and scents – the body is tricked into believing it’s reliving that tranquility. Our aim is to empower you with this ability to relax, especially during moments when you most require it.

Discover a more serene approach to needles and cannulas.

Click to Download Comfort with Needles now.

Special Note: Proceeds from this download will be fully contributed to our charitable causes. If you’re battling cancer and finances are a constraint, please reach out for a complimentary copy.

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