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Find Balance: Break Free from Tanning Obsession

Discover the Power of Hypnosis in Resolving Tanning Dependency

The Tanning Trap: Are You Stuck?

Have your tanning sessions become more frequent than you’d like?

Do you find yourself investing excess time and resources just to keep that sun-kissed look?

Is your health paying the price?

‘Tanorexia’ is the term gaining traction for tanning addiction, drawing parallels to the body dysmorphia observed in anorexia. To someone with tanorexia, their reflection never seems bronzed enough, leading them further into the cycle, oblivious to potential health repercussions.

To an onlooker, someone with tanorexia may appear unusually bronzed or even orange. Yet, from the individual’s perspective, any fade in their tan detracts from their ideal self-image, propelling them to chase after that “perfect” shade.

But when did this fascination with tanned skin arise?

The Historical Shift: From Pale to Tanned

Historically, paleness was revered, symbolizing affluence and a privileged position away from manual labour. Society once cherished the porcelain complexion, using hats, parasols, and full attire to shield from the sun.

Fast forward to now: the bronze hue is in vogue, symbolizing leisurely days spent under the sun, away from office confinement.

To maintain this look year-round, many resort to tanning salons and sunbeds. But is this without repercussions?

The Downside of Continuous Tanning

There are dual concerns. Firstly, overexposure to the sun or artificial UV light can damage the skin and heighten the risk of skin cancer.

Secondly, and more intriguingly, our innate human tendencies can drive us towards obsessive behaviours, leading to conditions like ‘tanorexia’. For some, quitting tanning becomes an uphill battle.

Fortunately, there’s a potent solution.

Embrace Hypnosis: A Pathway to Overcome Tanning Obsession

Finding Balance: Breaking Tanning Dependency is an audio hypnosis session meticulously crafted by expert psychologists who specialize in addressing addictive behaviours.

With consistent listening, you’ll observe:

– An inner revitalization and newfound freedom.
– A vivid and positive vision of your future self.
– An inner drive solidifying your resolution.
– The capability to recognize and resist tanning temptations.
– Satisfaction in knowing you’re nurturing your well-being.

Dive into Finding Balance: Breaking Tanning Dependency and gift your skin the reprieve it deserves. Listen conveniently on any device or via our complimentary app after your purchase.

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